The Forward Vehicle of Time – A Collection of Poems

Scholastic Gold Key


On evolution 


Life likes linear, 

Yet, your eyes have curved,

your hair misplaced.

What have you become?

Your sole imprinted with the marks of time,

changes with the shades of soul.

Why would you do this to me?

Stay, I told you, Wait,

but you never did

want to be predictable,

I told you,

Never change.




The autumn leaves,

fall faster,

by year,

and I can’t keep up.

The sky illuminated,

by far fewer stars,

then were seen 


I now denounce the giant lollipop,

“Oh! What a waste you are.”

it lays un-appetizingly,


Happiness becomes foreign,

evasive to the palm,

grab it tightly,

it’s slimy.

Who knew how quick a candle

turns into molten wax,

it molds regret,

Caution, hot.

And in all, this moment they say fleeting,

and I feel its undertow softly,

pull all what’s left of me

deep, deep out to sea.


Still photo


Our eyes trace the constellations, in fear

of finding the boundaries of our love.


The grass we lay in is wet, with the tears

shed lamenting years without one another.


Let us stay here, at this ledge 

where the deep sky meets the long grass.


At the border of our deepest regrets, and

our pungent sense of presence. Now. Here.


Where we, for once,

hold time at our will.


Perpetual Motion Machine


I was always scared of churches,

they embody death. 

My father would console me,

“Nothing lasts forever.”


This I contest!

For how does conservation of matter,

relate to that of one’s soul? and

if nothing lasts forever,

where may I find home? for if

I am temporary in the 

test of time, what’s the

point of storing all that 

haunts my mind, and my 

hands feel light when I

imagine they’re gone, for 

I am here and here is now, then

where am I when here is past, and

what’s the point of praying for

time to be kind, when it

never stops, is always primed.

There’s no real beauty in the

world we see, except the 

impermanence of time, that

never ceases to be, for 

life is our one great endeavor,

this is my desperate attempt

to live forever.



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