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Hey! I’m Matt. I am a first-year at Harvard interested in blockchain (metaverse/web3), climatetech, and public policy.


What I ‘m up to:

Currently, I am sourcing as a venture scout for Draper Associates and  m experimenting/building in the blockchain space especially pertaining to governance, metaverse, web3, and fintech applications.


At Harvard, I am a venture fellow at the iLabs working on Wulf, a finance associate at HPAIR,  a writer for the Harvard Technology Review and the Political Review, a junior director of corporate relations at HCJI, and a business associate for Datamatch.


I am also a part of the Harvard Computer Society, Harvard Blockchain Club, Harvard Investment Association, Harvard Club Tennis & Swim.


Other than that, I have been enjoying my time: playing tennis and facetiming my dog Petey.


What I have done:

    • Last summer, I am working as a Data Science intern with the USDA National Agricultural Library and as a Business Development Intern with ZGC Boston (a Cambridge-based startup incubator and PE firm).
    • I developed and pitched a startup: Wulf.
    • Harvard SPARK project in collaboration with the Burlington Science Department. Created a shaded seating area for the Burlington Community Gardens. 
    • Worked for GPI US as a lead discussion leader.

    • I founded iRemember, a 501c3 social enterprise platform for people to record their perspectives to major historical events.  My startup is a recipient of the Riley’s Way Foundation Call for Kindness Fellowship and is currently working with senior centers events.


      I love to promote STEM opportunities for young students and facilitating passions around technology.  I was an organizer for MAHacks, a Massachusetts-based hackathon for high schoolers to come together and build awesome stuff. I was also on the  MIT Teen Programming Council , where we plan events for youth to meet researchers and learn about topics that create paths to career passions.


      Off of the same tangent, I love to be in the outdoors.  I am an Eagle Scout and have been part of scouting since first grade.  I was a Mystic Watershed Ambassador and help run community events to give awareness to our local watershed. (In my free time, I love to kayak and camp) 


      Something I was also passionate about is the role of young people in activism. I ran a podcast called “A Soon-to-be Voter’s Guide” that you should definitely check out :).  I was selected to be one of 25 high schoolers from across the nation on the  Harvard Making Caring Common Youth Advisory Board, and I had a great time talking to other young leaders and creating administrative changes that empower teens to initiate positive changes. 


      I also like to code and create programming projects.  You can check that outhere.


      After 12am, I love writing poems and short stories.  


Fun facts:

    • I am double jointed (helps with backstroke, but not with pushups.)
    • My last name sounds like the pokemon tentacool


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